Some Statistics

Did you know that in 2000 only 9% of Americans spoke a second language while 50%  of Europeans did?  I’m guessing that in the ten years since that survey was taken, fewer than 9% now speak a second language in the US.

Did you know that according to the American Council on Education, 79% of Americans agree believe that students should have a study abroad experience, but only 1% actually do? I know that my visits to Japan, England, France and Israel were fantastic experiences! Getting to learn firsthand about the cultures and histories I had been studying in school and being able to talk with kids my age was just wonderful.

Did you know that in 2009 Secretary of Education Duncan agreed that the US had a severe shortage of foreign language teachers and that 73% of school districts needed foreign language teachers!

All around bad news for students and teachers who want to learn foreign languages!!


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