Mayor to restore foreign language study

A mayor of one Massachusetts town (Newburyport) wants to try to restore the language program that was cut three years ago in its middle school.  The mayor’s decision to reinstate the program stemmed from the poor performance of some middle-school students on a foreign language readiness exam for high school.  The students were so frustrated that they walked out of the exam after five minutes, unable to complete it because they were so poorly prepared.  The mayor is considering spending $10,000 on a Rosetta Stone foreign language learning program that would offer students fourteen different languages to learn through the computer lab.  Once the school system gets more money, it hopes to be able to establish the old language program with teachers as the instructors.

I use Rosetta Stone for learning Japanese at home in my spare time (which is really very limited these days!!) and think it is a great program.  Of course, it is not a substitute for classroom teaching but will at least be a start for the  younger students in that school district.


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