UMissouri to combine Spanish and French Departments

In an effort to save money, the Missouri Department of Higher Education requested that the University of Missouri identify programs that had low enrollment so that they could either be consolidated or eliminated.  The University decided to merge the Spanish and French language departments into one — the Romance Language Dept.  While this move is much better than the worst case scenario of having neither a Spanish or French department, it continues to suggest the seeming eagerness with which universities are downsizing — and in some cases — eliminating foreign language programs for budgetary reasons.   Evidently, some universities don’t believe that foreign languages are useful to students in other fields like the sciences.  How much longer will English remain the “universal language” ?    I’m not sure but I think we need to accept the fact that we need to learn languages other than English in today’s multicultural and multilingual world. Just my two cents worth for today  . . .


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