Glasgow University and Foreign Language Cuts

I tried unsuccessfully to retrieve the article from The Herald (Scotland) about playwright Tom Stoppard’s attempt to stop the University from axing foreign languages. Instead I found Tom Stoppard’s facebook page and hand copied the following article that he reprinted from The Herald:

The University is in a great uproar over significant cuts in general.

Sept 12, 2011 in The Herald written by Martin Williams:

Oscar-winning playwright Sir Tom Stoppard is to spearhead a campaign to stop modern languages from being axed at Scottish universities.

Sir Tom, 74, who won an Academy Award for Shakespeare in Love, is to present a petition to MSP’s signed by more than 2000 people, including senior academics, calling on the Scottish Government to protect funding.

It calls on the Scottish Funding Council to ringfence finance to preserve the teaching of “lesser taught” languages and cultures.

The Czech=born writer, who has a particular concern over the future of Slavonic languages, has already joined the fight against moves by Glasgow university to cut a raft of courses including modern languages and called on Michael Russell, the Education Secretary, to intervene.

The university has drawn up a number of proposals for cuts, including the axeing of several modern languages, including German, Italian, Russian and Polish.

Sir Tom is supporting a wider campaign to preserve the teaching of modern languages in Scotland’s higher education institutions.

“There is widespread recognition of the importance in the modern world of fostering and maintaining in-depth knowledge in a broad spectrum of modern languages and cultures,” he said.


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