Ghana Seeks to Make Foreign Languages a Priority


From, June 26, 2012:

A three-day workshop on foreign language policy, organized by the Ministry of Education has ended in Koforidua.

The programme, which was sponsored by the French Embassy in Ghana, was on the theme: “The importance of making foreign language a priority in the development of an emerging country”.

Mr. Lee Ocran, Minister of Education in a speech read on his behalf, said Ghanaians have since independence expressed keen interest in learning French as second foreign language.

“That is not to say that the other foreign languages like Arabic, Spanish or Madarin, widely spoken all over the world are less important,” he said.

Mr. Ocran said the government was placing emphasis on the learning of a second foreign language to promote technology, science, culture and a technical know-how, adding “these are tools of development”.

“This is the real reason why the Ministry of Education attaches so much importance to teaching and learning of foreign languages and therefore wants a second look at the policy”.

Ms Benedicta Naana Biney, Director General of the Ghana Education Service GES), has called for a review of educational policies to enhance teaching and learning in schools.

She said the GES was appreciative of the French government’s incessant financial, logistical and technical support towards the promotion of teaching and learning of French language in Junior and Senior High Schools since its introduction into the school system.

Mr. Frederic Clavier, French Ambassador, in a statement read on his behalf, said the French Embassy would continue to support the teaching and learning of French in Ghana.**



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