Foreign Languages and Brand Name Products Don’t Always Translate Well

I really laughed this morning when I saw this article in The Huffington Post. Guess businesses better hire skilled foreign language personnel before touting their products abroad! Enjoy:

Any company pushing overseas struggles with new demands and cultures. But the most annoying obstacle may be that pesky language barrier. Just ask the American Dairy Association.

When the ADA attempted to expand its successful “Got Milk?” campaign into Mexico, it instead accidentally asked “Are You Lactating?” Oddly enough, Spanish speakers did not feel compelled to buy more milk.

For similar reasons, Ford’s Pinto failed to break into the Brazilian market. Brazilians just weren’t lining up at the local Ford dealership to buy a car with a name that translates to “male genitals” in Brazilian slang. Not a good look, guys. Not a good look.

For a full list of bloopers, see


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